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Your RV or truck should always be washed and detailed to help save the paint and look good. Simi Center can do this for you. Our team is highly skilled and specializes in the washing and detailing process. We only use the highest quality cleaning products on the market so that you can get a shine unlike anyone else on the road.

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We are dedicated to making your experience as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible. We meet your expectations by streamlining the repair process, working directly with your insurance company and coordinating a rental car right on-site.

Full Hand Wash

We believe that the best washing work is done by hand. You can’t match the precision and the quality of a skilled professional washing your Truck or RV by hand. On RVs, it’s especially important to have a careful hand and attention to detail as there are often mixed materials that require different types of cleaning products to clean properly. At Simi Center, we take our time to wash your vehicle the right way so that the job is done to our high-quality standards. A hand wash also gives us an excellent foundation for the rest of the detailing that our team does for you.


Quality Polish

Your RV or Truck has probably lost a bit of the original shine that it had when you drove it off the lot. Simi Center can help you restore it with a high-quality polish performed by our talented technicians. They understand completely what makes a good polish to restore the original shine to your car, eliminate surface scratches, oxidation, dirt and any minor imperfections that may be present in the paint. Restoring the shine to your RV or truck is important for making the paint last longer and maintaining the value of your vehicle. Simi Center can do it with the same quality that we provide in every one of our services.



When washing and detailing is done the right way you should see a mirror finish in the paint. Our team at Simi Center ensures this with a quality waxing of your RV or truck at the end of the detailing process. This will also help to protect the work done and protect your paint from oxidation, bring out the shine, and protect the paint from the sun. It also helps to prevent paint chips. The team at Simi Center ensures that only the highest quality cleaning products are used on your vehicle so that it lasts and helps to protect your RV or truck.



What Some Of Our Clients Say About Us

Good people, prompt service and reasonably priced for RV wash and oil change.

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Imnota C.

Simi Valley, CA

I go here for all of my RV needs, Michael and Josh take very good care of me whenever I bring in my RV.

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Lezlee L.

Mountain Home AFB, ID

I have brought my travel trailer to Mike and Megan numerous times for everything from minor, major and emergency repairs! They have always helped me out.

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Felipe V.

Simi Valley, CA

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