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At Simi Center, we serve our customers by providing unequaled professional vehicle repair, collision repair, and bodywork to Simi Valley. Since 1979 our approach at Simi Center has enabled us to grow into the premier service provider of Simi Valley for vehicle repairs. Decades later we’re still committed and focused on fulfilling our promise to every customer that comes through the front door.

Quality Repairs

With over 3 decades of experience, Simi Center’s certified technicians represent the pinnacle of professionalism, dedication, and talent in the vehicle repair industry. Our technicians are dedicated to constant improvement every day. This way each day they’re better than the day before. This allows the entire team to always be doing our best work and exceeding the rigorous quality standards we expect of ourselves and our customers have come to expect from us.

We understand that when you hand over the keys that you’re also giving us your trust. We take this very seriously at Simi Center and that’s why we offer a lifetime written repair warranty on all of our repairs.

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Customer Safety

Our customers should be safe and providing them that safety is our highest priority. Our certified technicians receive continuous, cutting edge training, and our quality assurance checklist exceeds industry standards.

When you work with Simi Center you’ll never get a vehicle back that didn’t pass multiple safety tests. All of the vehicles we work on pass through multiple safety inspections and a rigorous series of checks and balances throughout the repair process. Vehicle technology is evolving rapidly and the crew at Simi Center is always learning to stay ahead of the curve.


Customer Experience

We’ve put customers first since the doors opened at Simi Center in 1979. We pride ourselves on customer service and creating a better customer experience for everyone.

We provide this to you in a variety of ways, and it starts with our free repair estimate. All of our repair estimates are detailed and thorough so that you can have confidence in the team at Simi Center.

Our service advisors will stay in touch with you while your vehicle is being repaired so that you can always know where the team at Simi Center is during the process. You deserve to know exactly where in the process your car is so that you can rest easy. Our promise to you is to provide excellent service that helps you feel at ease.

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Lifetime Warranty

In-vehicle repair, trust has to be earned one vehicle at a time. This is why we offer our customers a lifetime written repair warranty. At Simi Center, our work is backed by our promise. You’re putting your trust in us when you hand our team the keys and we want to prove that it’s well earned. Proving to you that your trust is well placed is part of our DNA as a business. With every repair, we ensure that you’re given a written repair warranty. It’s our way of showing you that we’re committed to quality work that you can count on. In the unlikely event that a defect in our repairs is identified, clients may immediately schedule a repair that’s completely free.